I thank God, for his hands in creating our
                                      chiropractic doctors; I have been coming to these jewels
                              for over twenty years.  The doctor has helped me be able to
                        breathe good again.  Putting my back into alignment has also helped
                      in making my migraine headaches go away!    
                    I have realized in the twenty years of service,
        that the treatment plan the doctor set for you do work,
          as long as you follow it.  I learned that the hard way,
       but now I realize that as long as I come in every four to
six weeks, like the doctor has recommended, I am good to go.
      Thank you so very much for keeping me going!
                                                  Liz F.

                  I was a skeptic, but my daughter & son-inflow insisted that I come in
                          and get evaluated.  I suffered from a painful stiff neck, shoulders,
                          feet and ankles.  I was just in overall pain.  It had gotten to the
                              point where I could not do the things that I enjoyed.  
                          The last straw is when it affected me to the point that I
                      could not play with my grand kids. .....Continued >